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My Mom Sally Bigalke

My Dad Dan Bigalke 

My Cousin Nathan Satak 

My Cousin Tony Navarro 

My Aunt Vicky Danielson 

My Aunt Midge Satak 

Mike Arturi Universal Music Center 

Mark Woerpel from Mark Woerpel music 

Jamie Floyd from song therapy online Nashville Songwriters Association International

Ally Judd Trudeau my best friend from junior high 

Universal Music Center designer of the friend above lyric video and A Friend Above All photography 

Jessica from Jordan Towers for sharing the story in our newsletter 

Bart Herbison of the Nashville songwriters association for sharing and helping tell the story behind the song 

Scott Herold of Rock the Cause Records for helping get the song and story to the masses 

Zoe from Fair Trade Books stayed with me when I fell on the ice and sustained my leg injury. Zoe stayed with her dog and offered me help. One of the first angels seen she is part of what started the A Friend Above All project 

Chelsea Lockrem for  A Friend Above All website development 

Anna Filkins for the featured vocals on A Friend AboveAll


Along with many other supporters, too many to mention. 


Thank you!


Joe Bigalke

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